Adjunctive Therapies




Electrostimulation (E-Stem) (20)  

Add-on to regular acupuncture treatment only ~ This relaxing therapy has many benefits but is best known to heal injuries and alleviate pain. Your practitioner will make this recommendation based on your needs. It requires an additional 10 minutes to your treatment time.

Cupping 35 

Includes: One vacuum cupping treatment on one area of the body 

This therapy can be added to your acupuncture treatment and requires an additional 20 minutes. is widely used by athletes to speed up recovery time from exercise or injuries however it possesses many healing benefits.


Gua Sha 35

Includes: One treatment on one area of the body.

Gua Sha is an ancient practice of strategically scraping the skin with a dull tool, usually a flat, stone tool. Most used to release muscle-layer tension, speed recovery from injuries and alleviate upper respiratory illnesses. It requires an additional 20 minutes to your treatment time.


Rapid Release Technique (RRT) 25

Includes: One treatment on one area of the body.

RRT is a medical grade, percussion instrument, it penetrates up to 2 inches into the soft tissue to release muscle spasms, scar tissue and adhesions. This is a must-have therapy for stubborn neck and back spasms. Usually performed before your acupuncture treatment to optimize blood flow and ensure the most effective results but can also be performed after your treatment or as a stand-alone therapy.  It requires an extra 15 minutes to your treatment time.